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Rent a ‘white label’ (non-branded) natural light photography studio in Altamonte Springs, FL with a flat monthly subscription. 🤯

Our goal is to expand the studio to other photographers and creatives, but first our story…

A long time ago… In a photography studio far far away… we pre-paid $260 to rent a studio for two hours (the minimum).

But our client fell through. 😱

The studio said “Sorry, no refunds…. we have to pay the rent.” 😭

Poof our $260 was gone! All over 2 hours! That’s win-lose. They won, we lost.

So we are launching a win-win photography studio membership in Altamonte Springs, FL. 🏆

Our Offer: $500 flat monthly studio subscription membership and pay $0.00/hourly fees for at least 28 hours monthly. 🤩

-Kelly Rogers

Flat Monthly Membership Fee… not pay by the hour

Yes! That’s right! We took the idea from Costco but on an 8-member scale!

Let’s face it… most studios sit empty most of the time waiting for high fees to cover their costs. (lose-lose)

How many hours do I get?

We’ve capped our membership at 8 members (including us) to ensure studio time for all.

There are two ‘waves’ of bookings. All are online. Here they are:

  1. Advanced Bookings (2 Months): On the first of each month (on a monthly basis) we open the calendar for one more month. For example, on January 1st we open February. On February 1st we open March. On this round, each photographer has a cap of 20 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. But it gets better…
  2. Near-Term Bookings (2 Weeks): At 14 days out (on a rolling basis). All member ‘caps’ for dates inside 14 days are lifted. This means you can book all the hours you like in the 0-14 day data range. The goal is for no hours to go unused. Clarification: Any hours booked before 14 days do not impact the hours inside the 14 days. They are unrelated. For example, you can book within 14 days regardless of your prior bookings. It’s a fresh start.

It’s not 100% unlimited or infinite plan. It’s 1 studio for 8 members. If you need true unlimited hours please rent a dedicated space. 😊

The reality is we can’t predict who will use what, and when. But we do commit to giving you all we have! Our goal is to have no hours go unused!

Membership Offer

Today we are looking for 5 enthusiastic photographers to pre-register and join our launch waitlist. We are capping the studio at 8 people.

Once we have five we will launch right away.

Target: April 2024.

Member Startup Fee$100 once upfront
Studio Membership$500 monthly

Since members pay a flat $500 monthly subscription, the ‘Per Hour’ rate is for your knowledge only and calculated from your usage.

Let’s run the numbers…

$500➗Hours used monthly

5 hours used 15 hours used28 hours used
$50.00 per hour$33.33 per hour$17.86 per hour

Return on $500 monthly

Our StudioOther Studios
28+ hours of studio time3 to 9 hours of studio time

Fine Print

Membership Perks

  • “White labeled” studio means Kelly Rogers Photography is not on the door… so the studio looks like yours.
  • Flexible Booking: Easy-to-use online booking.
  • Large natural light window (with black-out curtains) facing west.
  • Access to two V-Flat light reflector panels.
  • Various paper background rolls.
  • Various chairs.
  • Air-conditioned with mini-fridge.
  • 1 large restroom that doubles as a changing area.
  • 1 clothing rack and full-length mirror.
  • Two parking spaces outside the studio door, with more on the side.
  • Coming soon: Makeup Station.
  • Open to suggestions: Special wall like paneling or brick.

What is not included?

  • Lights, camera, action – you bring your gear. We might offer a light rental option later based on member demand.
  • Liability insurance required (around $128/year).
  • No maid service. We ask members to roll up backdrops, sweep, and walk the trash to the dumpster (if food or drinks are discarded).

What can I use it for?

  • Photography
  • Photography
  • Photography

No, no, no…

  • No sharing memberships. The membership is only for the person holding the camera. Just like a buffet, we can’t allow sharing. Shared memberships between creatives are prohibited and subject to cancelation.
  • No seminars, meetings, or social gatherings without written approval.
  • No large groups
  • No smoking
  • No glitter… you can guess why!

Studio Launch Date

We are currently taking deposits for our startup waitlist. Ahead of our pre-launch event April 1st, 2024. That’s April Fool’s day, but the offer is no joke.

Why should I become one of the first 5 members?

The $500 rate is a special rate only for the first five members to jump-start the membership program.

After 5 members we are raising the rates for subsequent members.

There is a $100 non-refundable “Startup Fee” to hold your spot during the pre-launch window. Once we reach five subscribers we will notify you before initiating the first $500 monthly auto draft.

Perks for the first 5 members:

1. We will credit your $100 back toward your first $500 monthly payment as long as you start the first month of membership launch.

2. Exclusive rate of $500/month. After the first 5 members, subsequent members will pay a higher rate.

The first 5 discounted spots are going fast, act now

Unsure? Not ready? Join the email list for updates. Call or text Keith at 407-592-0303 with any questions. Thanks! Kelly & Keith.

Kelly Rogers Portrait

Subscribe now to get the first 5-member pricing! Undecided? Join our email list for updates and/or schedule an in-person tour. Call or text Keith at 407-592-0303 with any questions. Thanks! Kelly & Keith.