Elevate Your Personal Image with Orlando's Premier Headshot Experience with Kelly Rogers Photography

Welcome to an unparalleled premium headshot experience in Orlando. At Kelly Rogers Photography, we are dedicated to capturing your true essence with stunning imagery.

Elevate Your Professional Image

A premium headshot session with us will capture your unique personality and make you stand out.

Your headshot is your first impression across various platforms, including your website, marketing materials, internal communications, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to build trust and credibility with your clients and partners.

Pricing Structure

We offer a simple transparent pricing model to ensure you get exactly what you need:

  • Flat Booking Session Fee: Compensates us for the time spent planning, setting up, conducting the photo shoot, and providing guidance during the session.
  • Per Image Fee: Only purchase the photos you love, professionally retouching included, complete with unlimited personal and business use licensing.

Our Studio or Your Office Location

Our natural lit studio, which also includes  portable Swedish Profoto lights, is conveniently located within walking distance of Lake Mary City Hall.

We are also available for on-location shoots upon request.

Elevate your professional image with a premium headshot session that captures your essence and stands out from the crowd.

Premium Light Technology

Lastly, are are obsessed with razor sharp crystal clear high quality images, so we use all the same gear as the #1 photographers from New York, LA and London… but without the $3,000 session fee or $300 per photo fee.

We use:

  • Canon R5 mirrorless camera
  • We use Swedish Profoto modeling lights with various light softeners and modifiers
  • Legendary Glass… we only use highest rated 85mm and 50mm fixed focal point lens on the market. They are comprised of 13 glass elements in 9 groups. One lens weighs nearly nearly 3 pounds! Since it’s not a zoom lens all 13 lens are perfectly synchronized for the sharpest photo you’ve ever seen. Click the images above to zoom in and see for yourself! 

In Studio Premium Headshots


Session Booking Fee

+ $120 Per Image


  • 1-Hour at the studio 
  • Unlimited ‘looks’
  • Facial expression coaching
  • Exquisite retouching
  • High & medium resolution downloads

At Your Office


Session Booking Fee

+ $120 Per Image


  • Unlimited ‘looks’
  • Facial expression coaching
  • Exquisite retouching
  • High & medium resolution downloads